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Prepare yourself for a revelation.

Wedding photography isn’t about packages. It isn’t about 2 8x10s or 4 5x7s. It isn’t about album pages or digital files. It is about a relationship.

Your wedding photographer is going to be a major part of your day, a part of every moment. The work they create will be with you for the rest of your life, and your children and grandchildren far after you are gone. It isn’t a choice you should take lightly, or a responsibility your photographer should either. Choose them carefully based on how comfortable you are around them and how their images make you feel.

Because the relationship is so important to me, I don’t accept every wedding I can. I want to create work I am proud of for people I have a connection with.

I adore my couples. I love hanging out with them and loving on them every chance I get. It is so important to me that we are an amazing fit and that you can be yourself with me. I want to be sure you are choosing me for me (and my images), not because I had the right combination of “stuff” in a package option.

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